How to download and install GTA 5 on Android

First of all to get GTA 5 running on your Android device make sure it meets following requirements

  • Have at least 4Gb free space(7-8Gb if you’re downloading and decompressing cache on the same device)
  • 2Gb or more RAM
  • 1.5Ghz Quad-core CPU/2Ghz Dual-Core CPU or better
  • Android 4.0 or newer

To download GTA 5 Android complete game and install it properly you need to download both: Apk file and Cache zip archive.

Apk file is just an installer file, required to install applications on Android.

Cache is zipped archive that contains one folder “com.rockstargames…” with all game files included inside, like sounds, textures, scripts and other necessary files for the game.

How to download GTA 5 Android

Head to our homepage, scroll down to download section(below GTA 5 Android review) and click on a button “Download GTA 5 Apk”. After the page is fully loaded click on a download button, new tab will open and download will start in few seconds.

After that go back to homepage, click on a button “Download GTA 5 Cache” and repeat same step described above.

Wait for both files to finish downloading.

How to install GTA 5 Apk & Cache on Android

The first step is to decompress cache archive, extract cache folder and move it to correct destination.

The second step is to install apk and start playing.

Decompress and move cache

To decompress/unpack cache zip archive you can use Zarchiver, Rar app on any other archive app for Android.

Open/decompress cache archive and copy/move folder inside to SD_Card(Internal Memory)->Android->data folder.

*Don’t move cache to obb folder as you may be doing for other games, GTA 5 Android requires cache in Android/data folder.

After cache folder is successfully moved to Android/data folder you can go back and delete Cache Zip Archive, it’s no longer needed as we have already extracted necessary cache folder.


The hard part is done! Now all is left is to install apk and start playing!

Install apk and play GTA 5 Android

To install apk all you have to do is, click on apk file, review all permissions and click on install button.

Installing process should take from 10 seconds to maximum 2-3 minutes depending on your device speed and CPU load.

If that’s the first time you install apk file on your device, apk installation may be disabled by default.

If you see a notice saying you phone has blocked installation for security reasons don’t worry, that’s just typical message for any apk installation warning you about that apk file isn’t downloaded directly from Google Play and may be modified in some way.

Don’t worry! Our apk file is 100% safe, scanned by numerous antivirus tools, tested and working.

To overcome that message all you have to do is go to Phone Settings, click on Security, find field Unknown Sources and mark it.

That’s it, now you can freely install apk.

After apk installation is done click on open button, wait for loading screen and when asked for Rockstar Games’ account information, click on Offline button on bottom left. After loading GTA menu click on resume and enjoy GTA 5 Android!

Configurations, GTA 5 Android is properly installed and ready to use on your phone!